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Yes, it’s for real! Toyota registers trademark for “boxer 86” logo

Just before Christmas 2010, Car & Driver‘s Justin Berkowitz discovered the logo at the top of this story, which he so aptly described as “clearly a cross section of a boxer engine, featuring one horizontally opposed piston on each side and a highly stylized number 86 inserted in the center where the crankshaft would live.” He went on to write that “it also gives an indication that Toyota is planning to use ’86’ in the production car’s name in some capacity”, the carmaker’s registering of the FR-S trademark notwithstanding.

As the logo spread throughout the internet, many a pundit wondered about its official veracity, thinking it might simply be the work of a zealous fan with an artistic bent. Now, however, comes word that this is, indeed, the real deal, as the logo has been filed officially by Toyota as a trademark in Canada and the US, under Canadian Trade-Mark Application number 1507700 (filed on December 14, 2010) and United States Trademark Serial Number 85200873 (filed on December 17, 2010).

It now remains to be seen how the FR-S and “boxer 86” logo filings fit together to give Toyota’s production version of FT-86 a proper name.

Our thanks to my.IS member k3vo for providing this information

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  1. As much as i respect the boxer engine, i am a firmer believer that Toyota should have developed a direct injected, dual VVTi, sports tuned 2.0 4-cyl to be used in both the upcoming FT-86 and the CT200h. While i like the new Lexus CT, a regular petrol model should have been developed aswell and not solely as a hybrid.

  2. jruhi4 jruhi4

    To my knowledge, none of what you hope for has been officially confirmed. Yet, there are rumblings, rumors and hopes for both things.

    Around the middle of last year, Lotus made a big deal of building the last vehicle powered by the 2ZZ-GE 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine: an Elise that was then given to Toyota chairman Akio Toyoda. Yet, at the 2010 Paris Auto Show, a Lotus spokesman implied that this was largely ceremonial, then informed me that Lotus had, in fact, stockpiled enough of those engines to last them until August 2011. Yet, what will power the current Lotus Elise until its successor debuts around 2013 or 2014? And, said successor is said to be powered by a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine. Thus, I’m cautiously optimistic that a “dual VVTi, sports tuned 2.0 4-cyl” engine may well in the cards for the future. Don’t know about the direct injection, but I’d love to see that as well.

    As to a non-hybrid CT, the 3 trademarks that Lexus registered were CT 200h, CT 300h and CT 400h, giving us hopes for more powerful CTs but not for non-hybrid ones. Also, no CT F (or CT Fh or CT hF) registered yet, either. Still, I’ve heard some talk of a non-hybrid CT. It may just be wishful thinking, though. Still, I’d love to see a CT powered by a 2GR-FE or FSE 3.5-liter V6, a manual transmission and AWD.

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