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Video Update: 1-14-11 – Spotted Yellow LFA in Orange County

Here is a video of the Pearl Yellow LFA roaming the streets of Orange County, California this past Friday afternoon. We’ve heard plenty of sound clips of the LFA in full flight, downshift, upshift, idle, revving and more. What about regular city and freeway driving? You have to give it to Yamaha for making the LFA sound amazing on the inside, outside and all around. The LFA sounds amazing even with the windows rolled up in the 2011 Lexus IS F chase car we were in.

It’s obvious that 1LR-GUE 4.8L v10 can sing, but what about the horn? Toyota has many different horn sounds including the distinct single and dual “Japanese sounding” beep. Thankfully, the LFA doesn’t have that generic AAMCO commercial-sounding horn that has been common in Lexus cars as of late. With all these video clips of the LFA, no one has really talked about the horn. I’ve always wanted to capture this, and I finally had an opportunity to do so. With all the meticulous detail work that went into the conception of the LFA, you have to wonder if Yamaha had any part in tuning the horns. Check out the video of the Pearl Yellow LFA roaming around the streets of sunny and warm Southern California.

Here is the link to the TEASER video I posted earlier. There are going to be a lot more posts in the next day or so, including my 2011 Detroit Auto Show coverage, Akio Toyoda’s surprise visit and, of course, more LFA news! Stay tuned, there’s more to come…

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  1. John Q John Q

    Nice i would have done the same thing you have any idea about the nuburg version because a lexus dealer representative told me at least one nuburg would be in california

    • Lexus LFA Nürburgring Package is limited to only 50 units. We don’t know who has ordered one but there have been buyers that have opted for that package. I wouldn’t doubt if there are several who have ordered this package for their LFA here in California.