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Lexus LFA: Color Codes

Just last month, Lexus started manufacturing their first batch of the super car, LFA at their Motomatchi Plant in Japan. Of course we already know that there are 30 exterior colors available in which the 10 standard colors will be available for the first year production. The additional 20 special order, extra cost colors will be available for the second year. Here in the United States, we have sampled several LFA colors on our soil including Whitest White, Flat Black, Pearl White, Pearl Yellow, Pearl Gray and just recently in Detroit, Orange. The Orange on the LFA now sitting at the Lexus display at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show is the same Orange that will be available on the LFA Nürburgring Package. So if you’re looking for some paint, here are some color codes for you to choose from. Some colors are existing Toyota/Lexus colors and a majority of them are exclusive for the LFA. Don’t expect to find all these paint codes available at your nearest Lexus dealer parts counter just yet! 😉

So what LFA colors do you think will be the first to come to the USA?
Talk about it here on CL: Lexus LFA: Color Codes

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