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Toyota FT-1: The Next Supra?

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Apparently it’s been confirmed, the Toyota FT-1 is going to be the MKV Supra. According to, the sexy CALTY-designed concept which was unveiled recently in Detroit is reported to be the successor to the legendary Toyota sports car flagship. A close source ¬†informed the Australian news site that Toyota is busy developing the next Supra as well as a smaller sports car to sit right under the popular Toyota 86.

They say that 86 Chief Engineer, Tetsuya Tada is in charge of a new sports car division and has plans to release these next generation sports coupes starting in 2016. There will be two new powerplants for the sports car flagship. The entry level will be a 2.0L turbo 4 cylinder which will debut in the upcoming Lexus NX. The flagship will feature a new 2.5L turbocharged V6 hybrid with more than 400 hp. Which makes sense as the Toyota FT-HS unveiled in 2007 was a hybrid sports car concept. The Toyota FT-1 concept has an engine which appears to be in the form of a “V” thanks to dual intakes. This next Supra should stay true to its roots with forced induction, but also incorporate the latest hybrid technology pioneered by Toyota.

A very affordable, smaller sports car will fit below the Toyota 86 and feature a 1.5L hybrid. My guess is that it could be a future version of the Yaris Hybrid-R or it may well be the successor to the mid engine, rear wheel drive MR2. This model is supposed to come out for 2017.

Although this news is not official from Toyota, I hope we’ll be hearing more on the FT-1 in the future. With Akio Toyoda’s desire to reinvigorate brand with “Waku-Doki”, Toyota is on the right track with bringing back desirable, fun-to-drive cars. Here’s whats being speculated right now:

2016 Toyota Supra (MKV)? = Toyota FT-1
2-door coupe
Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive
2.5L V6 Turbo Hybrid – over 400 hp
2.0L I4 Turbo – TBA hp
LFA-Style transaxle (ASG w/Torque Tube)
Under $100k

2017 Toyota Small Sports Car
2-door coupe
Unknown drive configuration
1.5L Hybrid
Sits below the 86/GT-86/FR-S
Approximately $16k


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