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Jeremy Clarkson on RC F: “Hate to admit I quite like it”


Could “Jezza” be changing his overall opinion about Lexus? Earlier today, infamous British journalist and Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, known to bash Toyota & Lexus products has recently posted  “Hate to admit it I quite like it” about the upcoming Lexus RC F  on his official Facebook fan page. Just a year ago, Jeremy declared that the Lexus LFA is the best car he has ever driven. Perhaps this is just someone on his page trying to stir up the pot? We’ll have to wait and see if he actually repeats this sentiment in print, on the show or on his official Twitter account.

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Jeremy Clarkson Best Car Ive Ever Driven LFA
Lexus LFA: “The Best Car I’ve Ever Driven” – Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear, February 2013

Source: Jeremy Clarkson’s Facebook Fan Page / Top Gear

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