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Lexus Manila grows 37% for 2010, CT and LFA to come!

The Lexus brand has been around globally for over 20 years. Yet, it was only 2 years ago last month that Lexus launched the brand in The Philippines with its one and only dealer located in Manila. Prior to the opening of Lexus Manila, Filipinos interested in driving or buying a Lexus in their homeland were out of luck. They would have to resort with drooling at what was offered around them in nearby Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and, of course, here in the United States. For those with unlimited financial backing, some would go to the trouble of importing gray market Lexus vehicles (usually sourced from the United States) and pay exorbitant amounts of money due to local tariffs and taxes. Now the Philippines have their own Lexus store and Filipinos have warmed up to the luxury brand.

Just last year, for 2010, Lexus Manila has shown positive growth of 37% selling 235 new Lexus vehicles. In its first year of operation, Lexus Manila sold 172 new vehicles which was just shy of their projected 200 mark. Of course, these numbers are only a fraction of what one dealer Lexus dealer in the United States can push, but this is a big step forward for Lexus in the Philippines as Mercedes Benz and BMW dominate their luxury car market. It’s no surprise that the bread-and-butter ES 350 and RX 350 lead the sales in the P.I. like they do here in the United States.

IMG_6952.JPGLike the rest of the Asian markets, Lexus Manila will be launching the all-new CT 200h premium compact hybrid hatchback later this month. With its low price point and value-packed luxury amenities, the CT should be a hit among Filipinos. On a more exciting note, the supercar Lexus LFA has recently started production and has already been shipped to destinations worldwide. As everyone awaits their custom ordered LFAs, Lexus Manila is reported to receive their one and only LFA order in Red. We don’t have any other details to share, but we can’t wait to see it! Special thanks to the homie Vern at Top Gear Philippines for sharing the news. Philippine Car News - Lexus LFA

Courtesy: Top Gear Philippines
Images: Lexus Philippines, Top Gear Ph.

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