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Lexus LFA Spyder in Pearl Yellow

Pearl Yellow Lexus LFA Spyder next to 1967 Toyota 2000GT


A second Lexus LFA Spyder has surfaced, but this time in Pearl Yellow with a Camel Tan interior. This rare topless LFA will be on display next to a 1967 Toyota 2000GT at the Toyota Kaikan Museum in Japan until April 30, 2014. This left-hand-drive LFA is most likely a prototype unit previously used in exhibitions and press events overseas. I should book a trip to Japan to see this LFA in person!

Toyota Japan:

2014年4月下旬頃まで、LEXUS LFA Spider(オープントップ)を展示しています!トヨタ会館では、常設でLEXUS LFA(クーペ)を展示していますが、今回展示のLFA Spiderは世界に2台しかない大変希少なクルマです。隣にはTOYOTA 2000GTを並べています。是非、トヨタ会館へ、足をお運びください!

Google Translate:
Until about the end of April 2014, I have exhibited LEXUS LFA Spider (open top)! Toyota Kaikan, it has exhibited the LEXUS LFA (coupe) in permanent but, LFA Spider this exhibition is a very rare car there are only two in the world. I have side-by-side TOYOTA 2000GT is next to. Come to Toyota Kaikan, please not miss!

Source: Toyota Japan Facebook

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