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Japan’s exterior and interior color selections for the facelifted Lexus RX

In what is but the latest in a streak of prematurely leaked Toyota and Lexus press brochures and dealer training materials, what appears to be the latter for Lexus’ upcoming 2013 RX mid-term refresh was scanned and found its way from Minkara’s to Carscoop to Lexus Enthusiast and beyond. The greater news, of course, is confirmation of an F Sport version for Lexus’ pioneering luxury crossover, bestowed with the most aggressive iteration yet of Lexus’ new spindle grille, as its chrome mustache grows from handlebar to full-on Fu Manchu or horseshoe.

The articles linked above and their included photos cover the broad essence of the leaked brochure but, detail obsessives that we are here at Kaizen Factor, we decided that some deep-dive analysis of the exterior and interior color selections photo was called for, and figure out which color options would remain the same, and which would change for 2013 versus 2012. Bear in mind, though, that the Japanese Domestic Market’s options tend to be broader than North America’s (to name but one example, Lexus IS models sold in Japan offer a dark amethyst/gray-violet shade bearing the 9AL color code that is unavailable here). Thus, everything you see below may not cross the Pacific.

Exterior Colors
Carried over from 2012 into 2013 are 077 Starfire Pearl, 1H9 Nebula Gray Pearl, 212 Obsidian, 217 Stargazer Black and 4U7 Satin Cashmere Metallic. New for the RX line for 2013 but previously available on other Lexus models are 4V3 Fire Agate Pearl and 8V3 Deep Sea Mica. Still available in Japan is 078 Aurora White Pearl, which was only offered in the U.S. on the 2010 RX 450h. Finally, we have two new mystery colors: a 1J4 silver (perhaps resembling the 2013 Lexus GS’s 1J2 Liquid Platinum) and a 3S0 red (perhaps resembling the 2013 Lexus GS’s 3S8 Riviera Red). Apparently, 078, 4U7 and 4V3 are not available on the F Sport model.

Interior Colors and Materials
Non F Sport RX models for 2013 in Japan offer a quintet of interior leather seating colors: the current Light Gray, Black and Parchment, plus what appears to be the 2013 GS F Sport’s Cabernet and the IS C’s Saddle. F Sport RXs, meanwhile, are, in true Henry Ford fashion, available in any interior color as long as it’s black, seemingly in full leather as opposed to the IS F Sport’s leather/microfiber combo. Wood trim options for Non F Sport RX models appear to be Bird’s-Eye Maple in Espresso or Dark Gray, plus an unidentified black-and-gray streaky-striped material that we suspect will remain in Japan. F Sport RXs will, of course, used brushed aluminum or silver metallic trim.

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