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CT200h Preview Event in Toronto!

For those of you in Canada who feel like that the folks here in the USA get all the fun, that’s not the case. The CT200h will be making its Canadian public debut in Toronto only! Don’t miss out.  For those in the United States that want to see the CT200h, you can find more info HERE.

Come and Experience an Advanced Preview of the all-new CT200h in Toronto!

When: Aug. 27, 28, 29
Where: TBA

Be among the first in Canada to preview the sporty CT 200h prototype up close when it makes its only Canadian debut in Toronto.

The CT will be displayed to the public in a sophisticated virtual setting, where you’ll have an opportunity to explore and interact with the newest addition to the Lexus vehicle lineup. You’ll get a first hand look at two prototypes still in development and the opportunity to share your thoughts with Lexus engineers and designers.
Join us at this advanced preview (no appointment necessary) and become part of the inside story of this exciting new model, which arrives in dealerships early next year.

Click below to register for updates on the CT 200h Tour and the all-new CT 200h.

Courtesy: Lexus Canada

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