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Will Toyota follow a two-prong RWD Scion FR-S / AWD Toyota Celica All-Trac revival strategy for FT-86?

An all-too-brief article by Mark Rechtin of Automotive News titled Why a Scion? Because scion said so contains a couple of interesting bits on the whole Scion vs Toyota branding debate surrounding the upcoming FR-S coupe engineered in conjunction with Subaru. For one, the decision went all the way to the top, to company scion (pun half-intended) and president Akio Toyoda, who “decided that the 200-hp, rear-drive FR-S would be a halo car for the young buyers that Scion craves.” Yet, for the surprisingly large number of Americans who bemoan the wisdom of this decision, Toyota Division General Manager Bob Carter said that, “There may be additional uses for that platform. It’s a heck of a package.” This could mean anything, but Mr.Carter seemingly hinted that an all-wheel-drive vehicle might be derived for Toyota dealers.

Although Subaru’s initial version of FR-S is expected to use the same rear-wheel-drive powertrain as its Scion counterpart, rumors abound that an all-wheel-drive turbo STI variant will eventually be offered by Subaru. Is the plan, then, for Toyota’s AWD Turbo version of FR-S to bring back the spirit (and perhaps even the badge) of the late, lamented Celica All-Trac Turbo? A tantalizing thought, to be sure. After all, we at Kaizen Factor have previously wholeheartedly endorsed the notion of additional FT-86 derivatives…

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  1. 7TUNE 7TUNE

    Are you serious?? What’s the source guys??

    • jruhi4 jruhi4

      Expanding a bit on what I wrote in the first paragraph above, it seems that Mark Rechtin of Automotive News was chatting with Toyota Division’s U.S. General Manager Bob Carter at the 2011 New York Auto Show press preview last month about Toyota vs Scion badging for the North America FT-86/FR-S when Mr. Carter seemingly hinted at an AWD Toyota version to supplement the RWD Scion. The first line of my article contains a link to Rechtin’s write-up that inspired this piece.

      Keep in mind, though, that I am NOT officially affirming that this will happen. My article’s title is posed as a question, and I think I’ve thrown in enough maybes and disclaimers to make it clear that this is simply possibility, and not absolute officially-confirmed fact.

      Welcome to Kaizen Factor, Adam. I’ve been a long-time follower and fan of 7Tune and of all your hard work. I’ve also written a number of articles not only on Kaizen Factor, but for my.IS (a Lexus IS fan site) based on your writings and posts. As a Japan-based English language journalist, you are a VERY valuable resource to us JDM fans that have, unfortunately, never had the chance to visit Japan. I have duly printed out your series of hints on visiting Japan for the day that this can become a reality.

      Sadly, the earthquakes and tsunami aftermath have put this further on the back burner. Kudos to you for all your help with the aftermath relief efforts. (Yes, I read your moving account on 7Tune).

      Joaquin Ruhi

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