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Want to buy a Lexus LFA well under $375k? It’s possible!

How this possible? It’s very easy. AUTOArt, a premier die-cast model car maker (who is known to make the best scaled down but detailed die-cast models of the real deal) is about to release its latest creation, the supercar Lexus LFA.

Being that the LFA is an exclusive, hand-built, limited production car, only 500 affluent people in the world will be lucky to own this. But have no fear, you don’t need $375,000 to own AUTOArt’s version. In fact, the 1:18 scale version of the LFA will will only set you back an unbelievable $163.95. Now that’s well under the invoice pricing! The AUTOArt version of the LFA is modeled after the Whitest White LFA with red interior we have first seen out there.

The details are impeccable. AUTOArt did a great job matching the 20″ BBS alloy wheels in dark graphite, red Brembo brake calipers, and the LFA’s signature red and black interior. The engine compartment is a precise image of the real 1LR-GUE, 552hp 4.8L V10. The doors, hood and hatch including the rear spoiler are moveable!¬†According to the AUTOArt website, availability for this model is coming soon. So don’t count out the LFA off your car shopping list yet. You won’t need to get on a special interest list or a contact a special hotline to get one. Act fast because this may be the deal of the century!

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More photos can be found on the AUTOArt Facebook Page

Model Number : 78831
Category : Signature
Scale : 1:18 Die Cast Models
Make : LEXUS
Weight in kg : 2 kg
Availability : Coming Soon

Source: AUTOart

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  1. jruhi4 jruhi4

    Amazing detailing! It also reminded me how I still regret never having bought the blue AUTOArt Lexus IS 300 I always wanted.

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