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VIDEOS: Coming to America – The Lexus LFA

IMG_1737.JPGNow that the first six LFAs have landed in the United States, Lexus has released a series of videos which highlight the special arrival of the LFA. We covered this story exclusively just a few weeks ago.  The first video is of the de-vanning process of the LFA from the shipping container. The second video is of Mark Templin, Vice President and General Manager of Lexus USA welcoming the new LFA owners to the Lexus family. Third video is of Paul Williamsen, National Manager of the Lexus College doing an overview of features on the Pearl Yellow LFA. The last video was filmed at the newest mega Lexus dealer in the United States, Lexus of Escondido, located in northern San Diego County. Details are everything and we know Lexus is very attentive in the smallest details. Take a look at the videos below:

A Superior Journey: Transporting the LFA:

A Warm Welcome to LFA Owners:

LFA Product Highlights:

Courtesy of Lexus USA

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