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Toyota FT-1 Race Car By Jonsibal

Toyota has sparked the excitement of enthusiasts with the creation of the FT-1. The Calty-designed sports car concept which was revealed only a week ago in Detroit has been the top of car enthusiast discussions all over the world. There have been several drawings and renderings of FT-1 in all kinds of colors and designs but one until recently has really stood out amongst the rest. Automotive artist Jon Sibal has just posted up his vision of a Toyota FT-1 race car.

Dressed up in iconic Castrol TOM’s red, white and green livery, wide fenders and larger wheels, this motorsports-themed FT-1 appears ready for track duty. The retro-livery is a throwback to the historic 1997 JGTC Castrol TOM’s Supra. Although the FT-1 is only a concept, we all hope this will accelerate Toyota’s decision to bring this car to reality. It’s been too long since the departure of the Supra. This is what Toyota needs to reinvigorate the brand and its fans.


Source: Jonsibal

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