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The LFA’s cluster including the nuts and bolts!

The Lexus LFA is an engineering pinnacle of Toyota.  There are many parts of the LFA a specially hand crafted and built with the highest standards in mind.  Not only does Toyota take pride in the manufacturing process of the LFA, but the part suppliers, too, take pride in the workmanship and quality of the parts they provide. It’s all about the impeccable attention to detail that makes the LFA unique amongst its competitors.

In the 2011/2012 LFA, the driver is spoiled with a vivid array of information via the TFT LCD (Thin Film Transistor, Liquid Crystal Display) speedometer cluster. All vital data of the LFA is displayed instantaneously to inform the driver of what the car is doing at any moment. Not only does it just provide basic functions like velocity, engine temperature and fuel level, but the background color and font adjusts accordingly to represent the drive mode that is selected. The center cluster that houses the tachometer and speedometer readout slides to the right once the menu options are selected via the directional toggle on the LFA’s steering wheel. The LFA’s display is so advanced, it is more than able to catch up to the LFA’s lightning-fast revs from the 1LR-GUE 4.8L 552 hp V10.  The LFA’s TFT LCD display is manufactured by Yazaki, an OE supplier to Toyota, responsible for many gauge clusters in Toyota products including the 01-05 Lexus IS300 ,  Toyota bB aka Scion xB and the Toyota Land Cruiser.

Also featured in this article is Aoyama Seisakusho, another O.E. (original equipment) parts supplier to Toyota for the LFA. They mainly produce nuts and bolts for auto manufacturers. Over the years, they have adopted Toyota’s Production philosophy called “Just In Time” (JIT) in their manufacturing process.  A kiosk at this show highlights materials built specifically for the LFA.  Aoyama Seisakush is responsible for making specific internal and external parts. They are also responsible for the Lexus embossed fasteners which you see throught the dashboard assembly of the LFA.

Here is the “Google” translated article:

Gazoo Automotive News: Exposition people out here too LFA


by Gazoo Automotive News/Response translated by Google
When I walked in the Exposition site and people have high Reshingusaundo Kang! When I go to the source of the sound that I think playing the demo video of liter bikes, it is Yazaki’s booth. The pillar was embedded in the booth, he’d Lexus LFA [meter panel.

Test run using the data logger, which demonstrated that the meter display. The oval itself TFT LCD meter, tachometer bezel that moving from side to side. What appears to have placed two overlap like LCD, he said, showing that it can run on liquid crystal display 1.

The tachometer instead of the whole green or red depending on the engine white circles, and shift促Surashii. The amazing sharpness tachometer needle moves dancing to the sound of the engine exhaust noise and it has been. Moment, the movement of the needle to jump into the red zone, well pinned down eye of the beholder.

The crank was also developed for the race was first exhibited at the Tokyo, Aoyama Seisakusho display and interior decoration of the bolt. Kobe Steel develops high-temperature titanium alloys, LFA appeal had been adopted.

From Reservations, am quickly became a sold out, with supercar legend already, LFA. One of at least one mechanism, to be utterly fascinating, this exhibition also taught.
(Takane Hideyuki response)

Source: Gazoo News, Response

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