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Rare 2000GT on eBay. Buy it now for $650k!

That’s right, if you want an ultra rare piece of historical machinery, this is your chance. With only 351 produced for the world and 84 produced as left hand drive models, only 62 of those cars came United States. Like the limited production Lexus LFA (500 worldwide, approx 171 USA), the Toyota 2000GT have a lot in common. Both cars are 2 door, 2 seater, front engine rear wheel drive, grand touring cars co-developed by Toyota and Yamaha. Want to own the ultimate Toyota/Lexus collection? Custom order your 2012 Lexus LFA to match the 2000GT’s White exterior with Black leather interior, then hit “BUY IT NOW” for a cool $650,000. Be the envy of Toyota enthusiasts worldwide and pick up 2000GT #88!

eBay: 1967 Toyota 2000GT – #88

eBay Motors via Autoblog

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