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Paris and the yellow LFA: We’ve been punk’d

Our previous Kaizen Factor story certainly sent tongues wagging and hits soaring, while raising much suspicion among the hardcore Lexus LFA fan community. The resemblance between Paris’ purported LFA and the Pearl Yellow prototype that was the subject of Kaizen Factor stories as far back as August 2010 was a bit much for numerous internet pundits, and now Paris Hilton herself poured a double shot of 110-octane racing fuel on the fire with this post on her Twitter account:

My boyfriend is such a prankster. As a prac­ti­cal joke when he sur­prised me with the car. He first had them pull up a yel­low lexus. I was in shock! The car is amaz­ing! But yel­low! So not my style! Ha. Then he had the real present pulled up, the lexus in a beau­ti­ful pearl white.

Consider this blogger a conspiracy theorist as far as this whole affair goes, with a personal suspicion that the pranksters include not only boyfriend Cy Waits but Paris Hilton herself and even Lexus USA top brass. (How else could Mr. Waits access the Pearl Yellow prototype?) With a new Paris Hilton reality series on the Oxygen TV network currently being filmed right around the whole Valentine’s Day/30th birthday time, can you say, “Holy product placement, Batman”? And take the “real present pulled up, the lexus in a beau­ti­ful pearl white” comment with a grain of salt. We’d guess Ms. Hilton’s real Pearl White LFA won’t appear until some time later this year…

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  1. Darren Darren

    Doh. Just commented on the last post about this. Nevermind.

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