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Confirmed: Former IS F Chief Engineer is head of RC F

Lexus IS F 2008With the official debut of the next “F” less than a week away, Lexus has officially announced Yukihiko Yaguchi as the Chief Engineer of the new Lexus RC F. A recent interview with Autocar Magazine‘s Jim Holder on Yaguchi-san was posted recently on Lexus UK’s blog . Strategically, Lexus International has also posted a few videos  highlighting his recent accomplishments with the first Lexus F performance vehicle, the IS F.

An engineer by trade and a true enthusiast deep down, Yaguchi-san has been involved in many notable projects in his 30+ year history with Toyota.  He is indeed is one of Lexus’ most important figures and can be argued that he is the “Father of the Lexus F”. I’ll be covering more on Yaguchi-san and his accomplishments in an upcoming write up.


Source: Lexus

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