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FT86 II Concept to be unveiled at Geneva!

Just about a month from now, we will get a chance to see the latest interpretation of the Toyota FT86 concept at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show 2011. Entitled the FT86 II, Toyota Motor Europe gives us a sneak peak at whats to come. The teaser pic shows us a familiar FT86 concept but with a little more muscle. Most notable are the larger, more defined headlamps and the very angular but raked nose. Also the fender lines are much more squared off at the sides which allow the FT to gain a more aggressive look. The FT86 II almost looks like an eagle ready to pounce on its prey. We are anxiously awaiting for the FT to arrive as we are ready to put “Fun” and “Toyota” back in the same sentence again. Here in the United States, we have a little bit of a dilemma as we aren’t sure if this will be branded a Toyota or rebadged as a Scion. Only time will tell.

Here is a photo of the FT86 concept I took at the Paris Motor Show 2010:

Teaser FT 86 II photo courtesy of TME.

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  1. jruhi4 jruhi4

    The 2010 Geneva Auto Show, then, will be the first time that both the Subaru and Toyota versions will appear at the same time, albeit as concepts. Here’s the pertinent excerpt from Subaru’s press release from mid-January:

    Subaru Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Car Technology Concept
    A Subaru rear-wheel drive sports car is currently under joint development as part of the business alliance with Toyota Motor Corporation. Based on an all-new platform, the vehicle will offer Subaru’s distinctive trademark and core technology: the “Horizontally-Opposed Subaru Boxer engine”. The concept embodies Subaru’s established know-how in manufacturing boxer-powered passenger cars; it shows how Subaru proposes to integrate this expertise into a rear-wheel drive car to offer a new and highly enjoyable, Subaru-like driving experience. The technology concept will demonstrate how the all-new car platform makes full use of Subaru’s engineering and Boxer technology.

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