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Beyond the Nürburgring package, will a Lexus LFA II appear at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show?

To date, Lexus has been adamant that they would only build 500 copies of the LFA supercar, split 450 of the “regular” version (insofar as you can consider the LFA a regular car) and 50 equipped with the Nürburgring Package. Yet, Japanese rumormonger Best Car magazine begs to differ, and insists that an extra 100 copies of a so-called LFA II will be offered. Their story, however, has traveled from the original Japanese to the French-language Le Blog Auto to English-language Autoblog, so there’s plenty of room for something being Lost in Translation.

The French-language article also covers the Nissan GT-R’s rumored Spec R swan song expected to debut at either the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show in December or at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon in January. As to the Lexus LFA, the article states that, after selling out all 50 LFA Nürburgring Package cars (information that is news to us) favorable response to this edition and feedback from prospective clients led to this so-called LFA II, which would use the Nürburgring Package’s 570 hp version of the V10 engine and a number of distinctive bodywork modifications to create a more sports-oriented version while maintaining the “regular” LFA’s levels of grand touring comfort. In other words, they are predicting a Bugatti Veyron-like special/limited edition. At any rate, they claim, we’ll know more details at the end of this year, implying a 2011 Tokyo Auto Show debut.

Color us skeptical, though. Sure, it would be nice for a third LFA variant to see the light of day, but between the supercar’s money-losing proposition as it is and the efforts by Toyota to get back on track in the aftermath of Japan’s earthquakes and tsunami, expending time and energy on something like this seems almost frivolous. Then again, given the recent plethora of hybrid and electric supercar concepts floating around, might this so-called LFA II be related to a rumored hybrid or electric LFA?

Thanks for the tip, Mo.

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