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Welcome to Kaizen Factor!  You may ask, what is Kaizen and how is this a factor? Well it’s simple.  ”Kaizen” is a Japanese term for continuous improvement. Kaizen is an important principle of Toyota’s management philosophy.  Toyota is the world’s largest and most successful automobile manufacturer in the world. Because this is a collaborative effort of long-time Lexus community veterans and hardcore Toyota enthusiasts, we have factored in our ideas and views of Lexus, Toyota and Scion into one place.

This blog was created to be a source for anything and everything pertinent in the Toyota world. This includes but is not limited to Lexus, Toyota, Scion, Hino, Daihatsu, Subaru and related.  This is a collaborative effort by long-time active members of the Lexus owners and enthusiasts community. Not only will you find us blogging here, you will find us at shows, events, gatherings, and even local car meets. Of course we will do our best to give you the Lexus, Toyota and Scion news, but you will see first hand and exclusive insights on this subject matter. My cohort Joaquin a.k.a. jruhi4 and I will give you the latest authentic information on anything and everything Toyota.

Kaizen Factor is not a commercial website or business. It is a collaborative journal of connoisseurs, specifically Lexus, Toyota & Scion.  You will not see annoying banner ads, vendor or sponsorship posted here.  Since this is a hobby of ours, we are not paid by anyone or any entity to do any of this.  All photos, articles and website postings are all done for the love of the brand. All of us who contributes to this site have regular day jobs which consume most of our time during the week, but we will update this site to the best of our abilities.  I hope you all will enjoy what we have to share with you all!

Who we are and our affiliations:

Ryan B. – Flipside909 – California
Club Lexus Senior Editor & Events,,, my.IS,, CT200hForum, ScionLife, T.O.R.C.,,,,

Joaquín R. – jruhi4 – Florida
my.IS Admin,,,

Moto – California Founder, 86Fest

Bertel Schmitt – Asia Correspondent

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