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We first caught a glimpse of the Yellow LFA a few months ago at the Lexus home base in Torrance. It has since traveled across the country to dealerships and prospects around the midwest and east coast. Just a few days ago, comedian and show host Adam Carolla took a stab at the Yellow Lexus LFA around the streets of the San Fernando Valley. Seeing is believing. You can tell he had a blast in it just by his remarks and facial expressions. Adam likes!

Adam’s test drive:

Adam’s overview (long) 19:13 mins:

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  • jruhi4

    If things had turned out differently, this may well have been a segment on Top Gear USA, which Adam Carolla was once slated to co-host.

    As to the Pearl Yellow LFA itself, it is currently at the South Florida International Auto Show in Miami Beach and will be there until this Sunday 14 November.

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