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For us plebeian non-subscribers of, an article by Christie Schweinsberg titled Scion Slates First Detroit Show News Conference; 3,000 Hand-Raisers for FR-S only included this introductory teaser:

Within eight or nine days of clandestinely listing the FR-S on’s homepage, the brand received requests for information from 3,000 hand-raisers.

Intrigued, we headed over to, where an FR-S concept link towards the top right of the page led us to a separate page that, in addition to asking you to sign up for Scion FR-S communications, includes a 2-question microsurvey. Indeed, Scion asks you to “Help us design this car! If you were to buy a car like this, what color and transmission would you prefer?”

First, choose a favorite among 12 exterior colors: White, Silver, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Burnt Orange (this author’s favorite), Dark Red, Dark Blue, Grey, Brown and Black. The second question asks for your preference between Manual (definitely!) or Automatic (sacrilege!) transmissions.

As to the “Scion Slates First Detroit Show News Conference” part of the title, we’re not sure whether that means it’s the first press conference of the 2012 show (on Monday 9 January) or whether it’s Scion’s first-ever Detroit Auto Show press conference (we suspect the latter), but it unquestionably marks the North American debut of the production FR-S (technically the Scion-badged production version’s world debut).

By the way, we love the “Bringing the sport back to the car” ad slogan for Scion FR-S. Very apropos.

Most importantly, though, be sure to enter your color and transmission survey preferences by visiting and join the 3000-strong and counting Scion FR-S fans that will be in the loop for news on this game-changing Toyota / Scion.

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